Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Science

This award salutes individuals or teams of individuals who have played a leadership role in and made a contribution to a scientific innovation or breakthrough.


Written Nomination Submission MUST Address The Following Criteria:

Overall Impact Of The Contribution To Science, Medicine, Mathematics Or Engineering

  • Describe the contribution(s) the nominee has made in his/her discipline.
  • What contributions are particularly noteworthy

General Contribution To Knowledge

  • How has the nominee advanced new knowledge in the field?
  • What is the significance/importance of these advancements?
  •  Has it been an incremental change or a major leap forward for the discipline?

Solution Of Novel Or Practical Problems

  • Has the innovation or research resulted in a solution to a common or persistent problem in the field of science, medicine, mathematics or engineering? Describe the problem and the significance of the solution.

Overall Impact Of The Innovation Or Research

  • What is the overall impact of the research or innovation?
  • Describe some of the benefits of the research or innovation, either actual or potential.

International Peer Recognition

  • Describe how the nominee has been internationally recognized as a leading expert in his/her field. For example, is the nominee a recipient of major awards? Is their work cited by others in refereed journals and publications