NextGen Innovators Showcase

2016 NextGen Innovators Showcase captures the heart of innovation in Alberta


The fan favourite that collected the most tweets, likes, and shares on YouTube, is “ADVANCES ON A DIGITAL MICROSCOPE” by Science Fair Student Kamil Ahmed!
Thanks for voting and we’ll see you again in 2017!


Advances on a Digital Microscope: Sharing findings from a digital microscope in remote areas. Kamil Ahmed.


Agricast: Forecasting for Your Farm – Customized weather forecasts for farmers. Nevin deMilliano.


Alberta Women’s Science Network & @StartUpBySophia: Leading by Example – Inspiring young girls by STEM leadership to create equal opportunities for women. Ana Noga & Sophia Fairweather.

University of Calgary: Womba, a Musical Instrument for an Unborn Child – The first intrument for a child to play in the womb. Aura Pon.


Alberta BioPhotonics: Opti-Q On-Site Testing – Quick, accurate and inexpensive sample testing saves time and money. Elmar Prenner.

Beyond Reality Technologies: Applying virtual reality to real estate to explore unbuilt spaces. Garlon Yau.

Paper: Program that assists in setting up legal frameworks for companies. Adrian Camara.

VizworX: GeoViz – Easy to use geospatial visulization interface. Jeff LaFrenz.


Mindful Mental Training – Techniques to improve depression and anxiety. Derek Luk.

Physio4D: Vision Based Physical Therapy – A time saving motion tracking system to assess joint mobility. Dr. Javad Sadeghi.

Retiarius Medical – Waterproof and adhesive free bandages. Cole Atkinson.

TELUS: Home Health Monitoring & TELUS Innovation Centre.