2023 ASTech Awards Gala

34th Annual ASTech Awards Gala

– Calgary: Friday, November 3 5:30 PM- 10:00 PM

An Academy-Awards-style event where Alberta industry, government, academia, and entrepreneurs come together in a cross-sectorial celebration of achievement in Science, Technology, and Leadership.

ASTech Award Gala Program

Doors Open – 5:30 PM

  • Innovation Showcase and Conversation Series Open

Dinner Served

Awards Program 

  • Opening Addresses
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Closing Remarks

Networking: Innovation Showcase and Conversation Series Reopen

  • Dessert and Refreshments Served

End of Evening – 10:00 PM

Dress Code: Business Formal (Men: Business Suits, Women: Business Suit or Cocktail Dress)