About Us

The ASTech Awards recognize and celebrate our brightest minds and the greatest achievements of outstanding individuals and organizations in the Alberta science and technology innovation community.

Since 1989, ASTech has showcased Alberta’s excellence in science, technology and innovation by recognizing more than 600 individuals, organizations and teams at our annual prestigious awards event, bringing together industry, academia, government, and entrepreneurs to reward excellence and inspire innovation.

VISION: To inspire the next generation of innovation.

MISSION: To identify and celebrate outstanding achievements in science and technology in Alberta.

ASTech Awards Logo

The ASTech Awards - By Technology Alberta

The four interlocking rings in the ASTech logo represent the interrelationship of:

  • – Industry
  • – Academia
  • – Entrepreneurs
  • – Government

To support science and technology for economic and societal benefit.

Starting in 2022, Technology Alberta (www.technologyalberta.ca) will be continuing the fine tradition of the ASTech Awards.

It takes a communityWant to help? Contact: president@technologyalberta.ca