Bowman, Dr. Clement Willis

1991 Winner: Outstanding Contribution To The Alberta Science And Technology Community

Influential President And CEO Of Alberta Research Council Retires

Dr. Clement W. Bowman retired June 1, 1991, after four years as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Alberta Research Council, and a 36 year career in both the public and private sector. Under his leadership, the Alberta Research Council made fundamental organizational changes in preparation for the challenges of the coming decade.

Fostering Communication 

Dr. Bowman is responsible for two major strategy documents ‘Directions’ in 1989, and in 1991, ‘A Vision to the Year 2000’. He championed communication and formal alliances between the Alberta Research Council and other research institutes, government and universities.

Committed to Alberta 

As Chairman of the provincial government’s Technical and Research Advisory Committee, Dr. Bowman spearheaded a research coordination report, and also served on the Premier’s Council on Science and Technology. Throughout his career, Dr. Bowman has received many honours and awards for his commitment and dedication to science and technology in Alberta.