2023 Finalist: Alberta-wide Community Champion of Innovation, Community Initiatives









Finalist: Cybera (Barb Carra, President and CEO; Byron Chu, Data Science Program Manager)

Initiative: The Applied Data Science Lab for Economic Development

For over 30 years, Cybera — Alberta’s not-for-profit technology enabler — has kept the province’s research, education, and innovation ecosystem at the forefront of technological change. In addition to operating Alberta’s research and education network, Cybera offers a variety of cybersecurity, cloud computing, shared IT procurement, and data science training and consultation services. These offerings ensure that Albertans stay connected, protected from online threats, have access to the newest and best technologies, and possess the skills needed to succeed in the modern digital landscape.

Vigilant for emerging technologies with the potential to benefit Alberta’s educators, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, Cybera promptly recognized data science as a domain poised to drive innovation in the twenty-first century. This insight led to the creation of the Applied Data Science Lab, an internship program designed to assist Alberta organizations in effectively leveraging their data.