Dovichi, Dr. Norman

1996 Winner: Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Technology

A Scientist Of Unusual Creativity Creates Cutting Edge Technology

The focus of Norman Dovichi’s research has been directed towards the development of modern chemical microanalytical instrumentation. By challenging conventional methods with the intent to improve sensitivity and accuracy while simultaneously demanding enhancements to performance, Dr. Dovichi has successfully developed numerous chemical analytical instrumentation designs that have demonstrated unparalleled performance against their conventional equivalents.

In addition to capturing the attention of scientific and medical diagnostic instrumentation manufacturers, Dr. Dovichi has established an international reputation within academia and industry. As the 1992-94 recipient of the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship and the 1991 Steacie Prize, he is one of the leading young research scientists with the Canadian university system.

Exceptional Recognition

The Canadian chemical community has recognized his work and accomplishments having awarded him the McBryde Medal (1991) and Noranda Lecture Award (1992) as well as naming Dr. Dovichi a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry. Internationally he is 1996 recipient of the Chemical Instrumentation Award, Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society, regarded as the most prestigious form of recognition by the scientific community involved in research and development of scientific instrumentation. A scientist of unusual creativity and productivity, Dr. Dovichi’s technology is truly on the cutting edge.