Dr. Vita Martez, SAIT

2022 Finalist: Outstanding Achievement in Energy and Environment – Excellence in Energy Applications

Sector: Clean Technologies and In-situ Steam Generation – Break-through Clean-Technologies in energy, environment and electricity for climate resiliency and advanced Steam Generation Research

Dr. Vita Martez, Scientific Lead and NSERC-Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in In-situ Steam Generation and Clean Technologies
Leads a range of industrial applied research programs and projects through collaboration with stakeholders from academia, business start-ups, small to medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, multi-national companies and others. She has a track record of spear-heading Clean Technologies associated with energy, industrial water and waste-water treatment, mobile desalination packaged pilots for clean drinking water among others.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
The Clean-technologies segment of this initiative advances break-through innovations such as the vanadium redox-flow-battery-system with long duration electrical storage.  The steam-generation segment of this initiative uses an all electric, once-through-steam-generator to address persistent scaling, fouling, erosion and corrosion problems with advanced boiler treatment solutions.  Concurrently both segments are focused on accelerating sound, clean energy solutions.