Exro Technologies Inc.

2023 Winner: Hydrogen and Alternative Energies

Winner: Exro Technologies Inc.(Sue Ozdemir, CEO)

Presenter: Chris McLeod, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Edmonton Global

Initiative: Power Electronics Experts: Exro’s innovations in the transportation and energy sectors

Finalist: Construction/ Smart Cities/ Transportation,

Exro Technologies Inc. is a pioneer in the field of power electronics, bringing two groundbreaking clean technologies to market: the Coil Driver™ for the transportation sector and the Cell Driver™ for the energy sector. The Coil Driver™ is an innovative adaptive traction inverter that revolutionizes motor control by enabling two operating modes within a single motor. This results in a substantial boost in performance and efficiency, offering unprecedented flexibility in design.

The Cell Driver™, on the other hand, represents a leap forward in stationary energy storage for commercial and industrial applications. Utilizing Exro’s patented BCS, this technology offers exceptional management of each cell in the system, resulting in unparalleled safety, capacity, and uptime. Together, these pioneering technologies form a powerful ecosystem that stands at the forefront of the transition to electrification.