Dr Makere Stewart-Harawira, Dr Greg Goss, Jessica Vandenberghe (I-STEAM)

2022 Winner: Social Innovation – Programs Promoting Indigenous People

WINNER: Dr Makere Stewart-Harawira, Dr Greg Goss, Jessica Vandenberghe(I-STEAM)

Initiative: I-STEAM Pathways Environmental Education and Research program for Indigenous Undergraduate Students

Dr Makere Stewart-Harawira, Faculty of Education
Dr Greg Goss, Faculty of Science – Biological Sciences
Jessica Vandenberghe, Asst Dean, Indigenous Engineering – Faculty of Engineering – University of Alberta

I-STEAM – Providing opportunities for Indigenous youth to participate in experiential post-secondary environmental research at the University of Alberta and pathways to advanced degrees; Providing hands-on mentorship or students by experienced researchers who undertake training in reconciliation. Introducing and interweaving western science and Indigenous knowledge systems throughout the program, drawing on Indigenous elders as well as scientists.

Since launching in a pandemic in 2019, I-Steam Pathways has provided 49 Indigenous students from across Canada with four months of fully-paid, mentored internships in cross-disciplinary environmental research.