Intelligent Databases International Ltd.

1997 Winner: Industrial Research

Next Generation Advertising Analytics

Intelligent Databases International (IDI) Ltd. has a background in Global Positioning Systems and Intelligent Transportation. Important clients include Honda, Motorola, Nissan, and Panasonic. Recently, IDI has developed Internet database technology based on the Java programming language and object oriented design principles. With this technology, IDI has built a “classified advertising” system for the publishing industry.

The turn-key system provides secure read-write database access anywhere in the world via a fully interactive Java graphical user interface. Next generation system development will begin in November when this prize will be used to employ The University of Calgary, MSc. student, Ms. Qian Wang, for six months to develop an “object surveillance” system which will revolutionize the way advertisers track the effectiveness of their advertising. In alliance with IDI, a major U.S. publishing company, Advanstar Publishing, has agreed to use IDI’s system in order to dramatically increase classified advertising sales and at the same time reduce research costs.