Levven Electronics

2023 Winner: Construction / Smart Cities / Transportation

Winner: Levven Electronics(James Keirstead, President)

Presenter: Alicia Cafferata-Arnett, Industrial Applied Research Specialist, Red Deer Polytechnic; co-lead CARIN (Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network)

Initiative: Whole Home Automation System that Saves Time and Materials for Builders.

Levven Electronics Ltd. is a disruptive in-home building technology provider delivering IoT solutions to advantage new residential construction. Our promise is mobile device access and control of the building infrastructure that lowers costs, speeds construction, conserves materials, and improves consistency and quality across the trades. This results in giving homeowners/tenants the ability to continually minimize their energy consumption while providing them the flexibility to customize their living spaces as their requirements change, all from their smartphone or tablet, using our IoT cloud infrastructure, at no additional cost. After installation, additional product functionality can be purchased, unlocked and delivered by way of firmware update downloads through the Levven Platform, requiring no manual intervention or electrical knowledge. Levven products are compatible with and connect through API’s to Google Home and Alexa digital assistants.