Livestock Water Recycling

2023 Finalist: Environment/Water/ Air Innovation, Sustainability Solutions / Approaches

Finalist: Livestock Water Recycling (Karen Schuett, Co-Founder, CEO)

Initiative: Data driven, value-additive, and eco-conscious water treatment for global food systems

LWR provides data-driven, value-additive, and eco-conscious water treatment solutions to improve costs and overall operations at livestock farms, food waste facilities, and renewable natural gas operations.

Their patented, climate-smart technology platform converts manure into high-value products that can be sold into the circular economy. These include fertilizers, biogas feedstock, and recycled clean water. Not only does this result in increased crop yields of between 30-50%, but in an 82% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while also dramatically impacting herd health. Processing manure immediately on the farm results in increased animal health, increased milk production.

With skyrocketing fertilizer prices, a booming renewable natural gas sector, and consumer trends towards transparency and authenticity, the current value opportunity for manure is unprecedented. As the market-leading resource recovery system, LWR is in the process of scaling up to meet the global demand. With a focus on product development and continued innovation, LWR is completing their Series A fundraise while continuing to drive the global transformation of protein production towards data-driven, climate-smart manure management.