Mosmann, Dr. Timothy R.

1997 Winner: Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Science

Immunology Pioneer Led Way for Current Understanding of Immune Systems

An internationally recognized pioneer in the field of Immunology Dr. Timothy Mosmann’s work impressed the judges for its fundamental impact on the field . As the first to discover the T-cell subsets TH1 and TH2, he set the stage for much of today’s understanding of how the body’s immune system responds to infectious agents, transplant rejection, autoimmunity and cancer. His work continues to have many applications, most recently in our understanding of the immune response to HIV.

He also discovered the cytokine IL10 which is now being used experimentally as a therapeutic agent to decrease unwanted immune responses in Crohn’s disease and Rheumatoid arthritis. The impact of his research is evident in the number of other researchers who have referred to his work. During the period 1990-1994, he had sixteen papers and over 2500 citations, ranking second among all Immunologists in the world as rated by the Institute for Scientific Information.