Nanoprecise Sci Corp (Sunil Vedula, CEO & Founder)

2023 Finalist: Innovation of the Year Award


Finalist: Nanoprecise Sci Corp (Sunil Vedula, CEO & Founder)

Initiative: Improve equipment efficiency and reduce Carbon Footprint using Predictive Maintenance

Nanoprecise Sci Corp specializes in implementing Artificial Intelligence and IoT technology devices for predictive asset maintenance and condition monitoring. Timely and accurate diagnosis of machine faults allow operators to save time and resources, reduce incidents and emissions and improve equipment performance. Our automated AI-based analytics platform processes the raw data for customers across Automotive, Chemicals, Cement, Coal, Consumer Electronics, Forestry, HVAC, Metals, and Mining, among other sectors, by maintaining the highest standards for data protection. Our advanced AI sends notifications to customers, empowering them with the right data at the right time.

Our team comprises experienced technical talent with excellent domain expertise in Customer Success, Condition Monitoring, Data Science, Software Engineering and UI/UX design, among others. This has allowed us to deliver products and services of utmost quality to our customers; We are not just a sensor company; We are a solution company that understands the various aspects of making these technologies work. Our dedication and continued commitment have further increased our operational performance in the course of the last 4 years.