Tulip, Dr. John

1991 Winner: Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Technology

Laser Technology Innovation fostered in Alberta

Dr. Tulip joined the University of Alberta Department of Electrical Engineering in the late sixties. Together with his colleague, Dr. H.J.J. Seguin, Dr. Tulip has established a laser laboratory which has achieved a world class reputation. Dr. Tulip has been responsible for a number of scientific advances in the laser field, in particular, the use of U.V. prionisation to reduce discharge inhomogeneities and the development of the slap CO2 laser and the Nd-YAG laser. Over the past few years, Dr. Tulip has built up a laboratory which specializes in the application of lasers to medicine. He has recently established advances in surgical lasers which have potential commercial use. Dr. Tulip helped set up the Alberta Laser Institute and has also formed Aurora Laser Inc. and Boreal Laser Inc. to facilitate the transfer of his technology.