Connor O’Shea, Ben Klepacki, James Freeman – Westgen Technologies Inc (now Convrg Innovations)

2022 Winner: Outstanding Achievement in Energy and Environment – Excellence in Energy Applications

WINNER: Connor O’Shea, Ben Klepacki, James Freeman – Westgen Technologies Inc (now Convrg Innovations)

Initiative: Eliminating Methane Emissions from Pneumatic Devices at On- or Off-grid Locations

Team Submission: Connor O’Shea – CEO, Ben Klepacki – CRO, Curtis Lynn, James Freeman – Sr. Digital Strategy

Westgen Technologies Inc developed proprietary technology to overcome the two traditional limitations associated with low power range reciprocating internal combustion engines: maintenance interval and fuel gas quality. Westgen applied their proprietary power generation design to develop the EPOD integrated system. This cost-effective 6, 20, or 30 kW remote power generation solution powers an instrument air compressor using solar power and variable quality gas.

The Westgen executive team of mechanical engineers Connor and Ben (Rising Star recipients), Curtis Lynn, and experienced scale-up executive James Freeman are combining technologies and approaches to eliminate venting in specific applications – resulting in emissions reductions by more than 98%.