2023 Finalist: Excellence in Furthering Inclusive Communities

Finalist: WISEST (Fervone Goings, Team Lead)

Initiative: WISEST: Championing diversity in STEM for over forty years

WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology) began in 1982, when Dr. Gordin Kaplan, then University of Alberta Vice-President (Research), noted that of the 150 attendees at a seminar on microprocessors, only one of the participants was a woman. With the help of fellow engineers, educators and academics, Dr. Kaplan formed what is now known as WISEST. For more than 40 years, WISEST continued its commitment to empowering women who are interested or want to seek out opportunities in underrepresented fields, specifically in science, engineering, and technology (STEM).

WISEST is dedicated to:
– Attracting young people to science, engineering and technology by developing and implementing engaging programs such as the Choices Conference, SET Conference, and the Summer Research Program.
– Retaining women in science, engineering and technology by nurturing and encouraging their interests through programs such as the Summer Research Program and the UA-WiSE and WISER networks.
– Advancing women in science, engineering, and technology through initiatives, professional development, and networking opportunities.