ZS2 Technologies

2023 Finalist: Construction/ Smart Cities/ Transportation

Finalist: ZS2 Technologies (Doug Brown, CTO; Pary Roshan, Research Associate; Danny Wong, Research Associate)

Initiative: Project Prairie Seawater: A greener future for cement

Combining construction and material science, our team is developing a vertically integrated solution to sequester CO2 into a range of value-added MBC materials. ZS2 Technologies research and development team, comprised of Dr. Doug Brown – Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Danny Wong – Engineering Lead, and Pary Roshan – Research Associate, have carved the pathway to net zero cement production.

• The ZS2 R & D Team, led by Dr. Doug Brown, Chief – Technical Officer and Co-Founder of ZS2, oversees a team of chemists, engineers and other professionals who have significant experience and material science know-how in carbon capture and related fields. Dr. Brown has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is a founding team member of Carbon Engineering. He holds multiple patents relating to MBC.

• Dr. Danny Wong holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and brings previous experience in carbon capture with two patents and 19 peer-reviewed publications.

• Pary Roshan holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry, along with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry and a Bachelor of Applied Technology, furthermore she is the co-inventor of a carbon neutral MBC patent.