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Do you need a speaker who has an inspiring story of innovation and success in science or technology?

Welcome to ACCELERATE & CONNECT: ASTech Alumni Speakers Bureau.

Our goal is simple: to connect our ASTech alumni (Finalists and Winners of an ASTech Award) and the broader community interested in science, technology and innovation. Invite our alumni to share their story of success to help inspire the next generation of innovation in Alberta.

The ASTech Foundation shines a spotlight on incredible examples of innovation that often fly under the radar. We will gladly introduce you to any of our speakers and we’ll leave it up to you to sort out the details. This is a free service.

For more info or to contact a speaker, please email or call the office at 403-220-9130.


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Kristen Barton

  • Organization: MD/PhD Student, University of Calgary
  • ASTech Awards: 2017 Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Area of Expertise: Science
  • Presentation Topics:
    1. Medical Research: arthritis and joint injury
    2. Medical Technology and Innovation
    3. Mentorship and Leadership Development
  • Geographic Areas:

    Calgary area
    Throughout Alberta
    Outside Alberta

  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Short Bio:

    I work on exercise programming, optimizing technology for joint injuries, and study osteoarthritis in individuals who have sustained previous knee and hip injuries. The research aims to get individuals to improve their function and mobility while living with a chronic condition.

Dr. Laleh Behjat

  • Organization: Professor, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary
  • ASTech Awards: 2017 Public Awareness
  • Area of Expertise: Engineering
  • Presentation Topics:
    1. Engineering Design, Innovation and Diversity
    2. Leadership in a Gendered Workplace
    3. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education and Outreach
  • Geographic Areas:

    Calgary area

  • Location: Calgary AB
  • Short Bio:

    My research interests include developing software for the automation of the design of integrated circuits as well as issues related to design for diversity, innovation and creativity. I have a pssion for increasing the status of women in STEM. I believe engineering benefits society and I really enjoy teaching engineering to students from kindergarten to PhD levels.

Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Din

  • Organization: Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
  • ASTech Awards: 2017 Innovation in Oil Sands
  • Area of Expertise: Environment
  • Presentation Topics:

    1, Treatment and Reclamation Strategies for Oil and Process Water
    2. Treatment of Municipal Wastewater
    3. Drinking Water Treatment

  • Geographic Areas:

    Edmonton area

  • Location: Edmonton AB
  • Short Bio:

    The research of Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Din focuses on the fundamentals of advanced and innovative treatment approaches to water and wastewater (both municipal and industrial, such as oil and gas). Since 2011, he has held an NSERC Senior Industrial Research Chair in Oil Sands Tailings Water Treatment. He is one of the Theme Leads of the Future Energy Systems theme on Resilient Reclaimed Land and Water Systems.

Connor Gottfried

  • Organization: CEO, Leara eLearning Inc.
  • ASTech Awards: 2017 ICT
  • Area of Expertise: eLearning
  • Presentation Topics:
    1. The Future of Learning
  • Geographic Areas:

    Calgary area

  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Short Bio:

    I am an elearning innovator making mobile learning and responsive course authoring more accessible. I’m driven by the goal of a globally connected world where highly effective learning is available anywhere, anytime and on any device, regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic status. I see a future where web technologies are combined with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and artificial reality to distribute learning opportunities to allow everyone to grow and achieve their goals.