NextGen Innovators Showcase

2019 NextGen Innovators Showcase

Sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, the 2019 Showcase features the agriculture value chain and other exhibitors who are diversifying the Alberta economy.

Agriculture exhibitors:

  • Corteva Granular: Software and data science for stronger businesses.
  • Corteva’s Farming Simulator Game: Farm, breed livestock, grow crops and sell assets created from farming using Corteva featured products.
  • AgVisorPro: Connecting farmers and agriculture experts instantaneously.
  • Deepwater Farms: Calgary’s first aquaponic closed-loop vertical farm, growing fresh leafy greens and sea bass.
  • Inner City Brewing: Amazing craft beer brewed in the heart of downtown Calgary from Alberta-grown barley, the best in the world.

Other exhibitors include:

2019 INVENTURE$ ASTech NextGen Innovators Showcase

The 2nd annual INVENTURE$ Conference in June 2019 saw an array of ASTech NextGen Innovator Showcase exhibitors connecting with more than 3,000 attendees.

Exhibitors included:

  • Amii, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, and three of their embers companies, Mikata Health and SAMdesk.
  • BoxOfDocs, a curated library of industry specific non-proprietary content.
  • Cadeon, data analytics, data engineering and machine learning/Ai applications.
  •, part virtual assistant, part business intelligence.
  • Deepwater Farms, using a unique blend of technologies to produce specialty greens and fish.
  • Genecis, reprogramming bacteria to make premium materials from low-value organic waste.
  • Ingu Solutions, using miniaturized inline sensors to protect pipeline assets.
  • Lobo Developments, redefining affordable living spaces.
  • TERRAHUB, helping companies commercialize Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence ideas.
  • VizworX, providing highly advanced software solutions using AR, VR and AI.

2018 NextGen Innovators Showcase

From solar oxygen and cube satellites to RFID/UAV site mapping and digital solutions for the energy industry, the 2018 NextGen Innovators Showcase highlighted the best in up-and-coming innovation in Alberta.


Steven TannasTannas Conservation Services (ASTech Awards alumni): Addressing water contamination by replicating natural bog and fen environments through designed floating islands.


IronSightUniversity of Calgary Simulation Research Group (ASTech Sustaining Member): Quickly analyzing geological subsurface data, using cutting edge, highly interactive collaborative reservoir visualization tools.

Sciridge Technology Inc. Cloud-based visual digital core lab reduces turnaround time and costs for rock sample analysis.

IronSight Helping oil companies adopt innovative digital solutions to reduce the cost of coordinating industrial services.


Lenica ResearchPolypDx by Metabolomic Technologies Inc. (ASTech Awards alumni): The first and only urine-based test for the detection and prevention colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in Alberta.

Salu Health Gauge: Revolutionizing personal health and blood pressure monitoring.

Lenica Research Group: Supporting mental health by merging scientific research and emerging technologies in virtual reality cognitive training.

Solar Oxygen: Reliable powe r access for healthcare facilities in low resourBioHIce settings.

Click & Push Exertion Mapping: Augmenting cloud-based way-finding to make Edmonton more accessible all year for people who use wheelchairs.

TheSock by Biotechnology and Health Innovations Inc. (Bio HI): TheSock plays a critical prt in saving lives as an innovative wearable electronic sock that prevents deep vein thrombosis.


NAIT Acceleration Services (ASTech Sustaining Member): Assisting SMEs scale by overcoming major challenges through collaboration, strategic planning, prototyping and funding.

TECHNOLOGY sponsored by Gowling WLG


RFID/UAV Asset Management and Site Mapping by SAIT (ASTech Awards alumni): Using technology to inventory assets over large dangerous and environmentally challenging conditions.

Solving the Problem of Accidental Opiod Addiction by SAIT (ASTech Sustaining Member): Using innovative lean design theory and cutting edge prototyping technology to ensure safe self-administration of medication.


TELUS PureFibre Technology (ASTech Sustaining Member): Enabling health-care providers to monitor health conditions in real time, 24/7, while patients are at home.

AlbertaSat (ASTech Awards alumni): The cube satellite Ex-Alta 2 will gather data to predict wildfires and evaluate post-burn effects around the world.


student 2Anti-Angiogenic Foods: Beating Cancer at its Own Game: Focusing on diet to significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer.
student 1Eyes for the Blind: A device to assist people with visual impairment who face daily issues.

2017 NextGen Innovators Showcase

AGRICULTURE sponsored by     Dow AgroSciences logo

AirTerra Inc: Converting waste wood into specialized biochar to enhance soil health and remove carbon stocks from the atmosphere.

Livestock Water Recycling (left): Reducing manure volume to concentrate nutrients and recover clean water.

ENERGY sponsored by      

Clean O2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc.: A novel approach to reducing carbon emissions at any scale.

Canadian Floating Fence Corporation: Through containment, XBOOM filters hydro carbons, algae and silt.

Petro Niche Technology Ltd.: Petro Ninja is a mobile app for open mapping and oil and gas data access.

TransRail Innovation Group (above): More efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation of crude oil by rail.

Zedi: Sensor-sourced quality and sustainability data gathering for the AgriFood industry.


Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange: Increasing efficiency for healthcare teams and patients to participate in their own healthcare.

Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM): BreathingRoomTM is an evidence-based e-health app to build resilience and manage stress, anxiety and depression in youth ages 13-24.

Rearm Inc.(left): Addressing repetitive strain injuries in the arms.

Salu: Health Gauge’s unique method of ECG and digital pulse data capture calculates blood pressure.

SafeTracks GPS Canada: Personal GPS monitoring system and emergency communication devices.

TELUS: Home Health Monitoring pilot and the Connected Home.

TECHNOLOGY sponsored by      

Micro Engineering Tech: Using real-time underground monitoring of sensors to protect complex infrastructure.

ParkChamp: Online sharing offering a new way to find convenient and affordable parking.

Robo Garden: Easy-to-understand educational app teaches coding to students in K-12

SAIT Applied Research and Innovation Services: Integrated UAVs as disruptive technology for the construction industry.

SensorUp: Kit to deploy sensors to collect real time air quality data.

TECTERRA: The Backwards Bike is an uncomfortable and difficult exercise, much like the process of innovating.

TELUS: TELUS Technology Accelerator supports the growth of early stage tech companies in Digital Health, Internet of Things and Big Data.


Novel Pediatric Therapy (left): Investigating the ability of new cancer drugs to inhibit cell growth and induce differentiation without harsh side effects.

STEM Learning Lab: Equipping students with the problem-solving, creative and collaborative skills necessary for success in our exciting and rapidly changing society.

TELUS Spark: Creativity leads to innovation: finding different approaches to problem solving.