1992: ASTech Awards expanded

ASTech Awards expanded in 1992, with awards in leadership, for wireless technology, product creation, and involvement in biochemistry and agriculture.
Taylor, Dr. Richard E., for being an Alberta Pioneer in Science and Technology. This native of Medicine Hat was the first Canadian to win a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1990. Taylor attended the University of Alberta (BS, MSc). This experience prompted his pursuit of a Ph.D. at Stanford University. Renowned for experiments confirming quarks’ existence, the sub-atomic particles forming the basis of 99 percent of all matter on Earth.
Butler, Dr. Roger received the Innovation In Oil Sands Research Sponsored By Syncrude Canada Ltd. Dr. Roger Butler was instrumental in making in situ bitumen recovery possible, designing both the Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) at Imperial Oil and Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) with Imperial and AOSTRA, enhancing Alberta’s oil sands as a crucial petroleum energy source.
Dr. Leonard T. Bruton, a professor from the University of Calgary, earned an ASTech Award for Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Science for his groundbreaking work in voice and data transmission technology, building filters used world-wide to limit the bandwidth transmitted and received.
Dr. Lawrence Wang won his award for Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Technology for creating an energy bar that fights the effects of Hypothermia. The ‘Canadian Cold Buster’ bar was initially designed as a fast and efficient way for Canadian soldiers to fight off hypothermia – would become one of the first energy bars on the market.
SMART Technologies Inc. for Industrial Research for developing interactive solutions like the SMART interactive whiteboard. As of today, they have been in operation for over 30 years, and now SMART provides integrated solutions of software, hardware, training, and services that are designed for performance and ease of use.
Sherritt Gordon Limited (now Sherritt) for Outstanding Leadership In Alberta Science for creating and supplying the metals used in the Canadian Dollar Coins “Loonies”. Sherritt continues to be a world leader in the mining and refining of nickel and cobalt. Its Technologies Group creates innovative, proprietary solutions for oil and mining companies worldwide.
Lowey, Mr. Mark for Journalism: Specialized Publications, for contributing to science journalism. In a special section of the October 20, 1991, Calgary Herald that saluted Science and Technology Week, he contributed stories on science and technology activities and personalities in Alberta. He is now the Managing Director of Research Money Inc., among other freelance work.
Dr. Robert Church was recognized for his Outstanding Contribution To The Alberta Science And Technology Community. From being the founding Head of the Department of Medical Biochemistry at the University of Calgary to his research impacting Canada’s agricultural sector, helping start 11 companies
Biomira inc. won the award Outstanding Commercial Achievement in Alberta Science and Technology (Sales less than 25 million) for specializing in distinct cancer research, later acquired by Cascadian Therapeutics Inc. in 2016, and is now under the Pfizer.com umbrella.