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Coronavirus-Inspired Alberta Innovation

As the world faces down the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation in Alberta has never been more powerful.Coronavirus-Inspired Innovation 2nd Ed.

Researchers and entrepreneurs alike are answering the call and finding ways to adapt, overcome, support and develop important solutions.

This e-book captures more than 90 of those stories, a sampling of that commitment to innovation.

This Second Edition includes 12 new stories and covers March 2020 through January 2021.

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Do you have a story that should  be captured in the next edition?  Please share it with us: astechawards@technologyalberta.ca

Book: The Impact of Alberta Innovation

The Impact of Alberta Innovation

This book highlights the perseverance, grit and determination which resulted in breakthroughs that changed the way we live our lives. It’s a snapshot of the best of Alberta’s global impact over the past 30 years and it highlights the 30th anniversary of the ASTech Foundation in 2019.

The Impact of Alberta Innovation celebrates more than 50 people and organizations in a range of sectors, including Energy, Agriculture, Health, Technology, Science & Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

Enjoy reading about Alberta canola and smart farms. We cover the Edmonton Protocol for type-1 diabetes and new ways to detect colon cancer. Read about the development of SMART boards and GPS technology and the incredible entrepreneurial talents of several wildly profitable enterprises.  There is something here for everyone.

This book is perfect inspiration for students, entrepreneurs and researchers.

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Humans of Alberta Innovation

Humans of Alberta Innovation captures the intriguing stories behind the achievements honoured by the ASTech Awards.

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