2024 Nomination Process – NOW OPEN

We are pleased to announce that the 35th Annual ASTech Awards (Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Awards) are now open for nominations.

View 2024 ASTech Awards Categories here.

To identify worthy candidates in Alberta, there are now 3 pathways available:

1) (Optional) Expression of Interest (EOI) – Open until May 30

– Organizations that indicate the number of nominations they plan to submit in 2024 (via a 5 minute form) will be showcased in the weekly social media campaign, inspiring the Alberta Innovation Community.

2) (Optional) Recommendation Form – Open until June 12

– This Process takes only 15 minutes

– Anyone can Recommend a worthy Candidate

– ASTech Awards Staff Members review the Recommendations weekly, and contacts eligible Nominees to fill out the full Nomination Form.

3) Full Nomination Form – Open until June 26

– Required for any candidate – to be considered for an ASTech Award


– Open until May 30

– Open to any Company or Organization that plans to submit 1 or more nominations, and is interested in providing the ASTech Awards Team early notice. Applicants qualify for recognition as Innovation Community Supporters.

– All Innovation Community Supporter Logos will be showcased in weekly social media campaign, inspiring the Alberta Innovation Community.

– Only a 5 minute process.

Expression of Interest Deadline: May 30, 2024


All completed recommendations are reviewed weekly by ASTech team members, who then contact the eligible candidates via email, asking them to consider submitting a full nomination.

Anyone can recommend a worthy Alberta candidate to be nominated for an ASTech Award – it only takes 5 minutes.

This nomination pathway still requires the recommended applicant to fill out the full nomination form.

Recommendation Deadline: June 12, 2024

Pathway 3: Full Nomination 

Nominations can come from various sources, such as principals, colleagues, institutions, companies, employers, community members, and applications (self-nominations).

The full nomination form is approximately:

– 3 pages in length
– Requests supporting documentation
– This nomination pathway is required for all nominations.

Nomination Deadline: June 26, 2024

Are you curious about the nomination form, our streamlined process, or the information needed to complete it? Check out our PDF example nomination form and see just how easy it is to nominate a deserving candidate for a 2024 ASTech Award. The PDF Form is strictly for viewing purposes; an online submission must be made to be considered for a 2024 ASTech Award.

View PDF Example Nomination Form

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Online Information Session (BI-WEEKLY)

The ASTech Awards information session is geared towards: academic administrators, innovative companies, and champions of entrepreneurs. Additionally, this interactive session will provide an opportunity to ask questions to maximize the chances of a successful submission in 2024.

What will be discussed?

– Nominee Next-Steps
– Sponsorship Opportunities
– Volunteering with ASTech
– Event Details and More

2024 Awards Process

Who is a qualified nominee?

The ASTech Awards recognize Alberta’s innovation ecosystem’s key contributors, from companies to entrepreneurs and researchers. They provide inspiration and motivation, acknowledging various industry champions’ hard work and success. Nominees can be Companies, Entrepreneurs, Industry Champions, Researchers, and many more.

Recommendation Stage (Pre-Nomination – Now Open until June 12, 2024):

This is a chance for community members to support people, companies, and organizations making impacts locally, Alberta-wide, and beyond. This short open-to-the-community recommendation form is now available for the 2024 edition of the ASTech Awards. All submissions are kept anonymous and reviewed weekly. Eligible candidates will be notified of their community support and encouraged to submit a complete submission. This process ensures widespread recognition and encourages diverse participation in celebrating Alberta’s innovators.

Nomination Stage (Now Open until June 26, 2024):

The nomination stage is open for community nominations or self-nominations for all ASTech Award Categories. The ASTech Awards nomination process remains similar to previous years. Nominees, whether companies, teams, or individuals, need just one nomination form for multiple categories. The form, about three pages of information and attachments, allows for selecting various award categories in a single submission.

Judging Stage (Summer 2024)

The Judges review all completed nominations, and finalists are selected. Finalists in each category are notified and are invited to attend the 2024 ASTech Awards Opening Ceremonies and Awards Gala.

35th Annual ASTech Awards Grande Opening Ceremonies (Friday, September 27)

ASTech Finalists, Alumni, and Innovation Community Champions are invited to attend the 2024 ASTech Awards Grande Opening Ceremonies – which will be held in the Calgary Region this year.

Award Stage (Friday, November 1, 2024)

Finalists will be recognized before, during, and after the event. Award winners will be announced at the 35th Annual ASTech Awards Gala – which will be held in the Edmonton Region this year.

Need more Information? Join us at one of our upcoming Information Sessions (Wednesdays at 1:30 PM MDT):

What will be discussed? How to Nominate and Who are Good Nominees (Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Community Builders). This interactive session will allow you to ask questions to maximize your chances of a successful submission in 2024.

To see the upcoming info session schedule and to register, CLICK HERE.

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