Humans of Alberta Innovation

Humans of Alberta Innovation captures the passion behind the achievements honoured by the ASTech Awards.

Here are some of the intriguing stories of the class of 2017 ASTech Award Finalists .

Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Din is driven equally by his love of research and his love for his family.

Dr. Lori J. West lives for the ‘aha!’ moments in her work as a transplant cardiologist.

How did road trips as a young boy influence the career of Calgary engineer Dr. Chris Clarkson?

How do Alberta teachers leverage industry to teach energy literacy? They engage the support of BP Canada’s A+ for Energy program.

Connor Gottfried is an interesting mix of creativity, technical ability and a strong desire to make e-learning accessible around the world.

A passion for helping patients diagnosed with kidney disease is the driving force behind Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn’s ground-breaking research.

Can intuition play a role in artificial intelligence? Dr. Michael Bowling thinks so.

Isn’t cancer prevention better than better cancer treatment? Hear Dr. Haili Wang’s thoughts.

Making things better for people is a driving force for Amit Persad.

How did you inspire young girls to think about engineering as a career choice? Dr. Laleh Bahjet explains one approach.

The intersection of 3D modelling and mathematical algorithms is an inspiring place for Dr. Faramarz Samavati.

What motivates a 9-year-old girl to share her passion for STEM with other girls? Sophia Fairweather will tell you.

Tushar Sharma takes seriously his responsibility to pay it forward.

What’s the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur? Stuart Kinnear shares his thoughts.

Sometimes our careers are driven by a desire to change the world because of our youthful experiences. Find out what inspired Dr. Kristen Barton.

Steve Fisher’s vision is to de-risk capital projects to help the infrastructure get built that will provide clean energy for everyone on the planet.

4th year medical student Jessica Luc believes in the humanism in medicine, to keep ‘care’ in health care.

Colin Knox knew what kept him up at night.  So he developed solutions he now sells to others.