2018 Humans of Alberta Innovation

Dr. Naweed Syed’s childhood experiment transformed his life and ignited his passion for the connection between the brain and blood.

Brian Tischler’s path from biomedical engineering technology to gaming programming to the farm resulted in open source software development helping farmers worldwide.

A passion for helping patients diagnosed with kidney disease is the driving force behind Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn’s ground-breaking research.

Find out how a a prairie kid — James Graham — was inspired by Alberta and Saskatchewan success stories to use technology to drive value locally and regionally.

Dr. Tushar Sharma believes in the importance of connectivity to fight the digital divide.

Dr. Orly Yadid-Pecht has always been fascinated by light and taking an idea through design to broad implementation.

Dr. Zhenghe Xu says passion leads to doing the work that leads to achieving goals, like learning from artificial intelligence.

From his early days working in the oil and gas sector in the North Sea, Dave Kennedy has always appreciated innovation to get work done faster and cheaper.

Michele DuVal takes comfort in the grey areas, where there are no answers, and in a life-long pursuit of questions.

Space physics combines Dr. David Knudsen’s life-long interests in astronomy, ham radio and building model rockets.

Dr. Reza Maalek’s father introduced him to the gap between building design and construction implementation.

Emily Marasco loves her alter-ego Professor E because she combines community outreach and teaching in one entertaining package.

Dr. Nader Mahinpey was motivated early on by air, water and soil problems that needed answers.

Dr. Mauricio Sacchi combined his love of geology and physics into a successful career in geophysics.

Jeff LaFrenz spotted a gap between what universities could do and what industry needed.

Dr. Frank Maurer is motivated by the combination of the abstract thinking of mathematics with engineering solutions to help society improve.

Dr. Reed Ferber blends science and clinical practice to get running injury data sent to him rather than him meeting the research subjects.

Dr. Aaron Redman is passionate about making sense of complex problems to answer real world questions around water quality.

Grant Sanden believes core values and loyalty to early career friendships are the keys to success.

After winning several bets using predictive capabilities, Tim Edward has the environment at heart.