Indigenous Entrepreneurship/Knowledge Contribution

Indigenous-led Entrepreneurship and Contribution to Knowledge

The award honours excellence and inspiring achievement in Indigenous entrepreneurship and contributions to knowledge. This recognition highlights the immense potential and talent within Indigenous communities and celebrates growth and community-building.

Past Winners Include:

I-STEAM Pathways – Award for Social Innovation: Programs Promoting Indigenous People. I-STEAM Provides hands-on mentorship for students by experienced researchers who undertake training in reconciliation. Since launching in 2019, the program has provided Indigenous students with fully-paid, mentored internships in cross-disciplinary environmental research.

Ohpinitotan – Social Enterprise / IndTech Program at Norquest College – Award: Indigenous-led Leadership in Community & Entrepreneurship. The program is helping Indigenous peoples access the digital economy, find & better themselves. Participants work to develop employability skills. This program is championed by Tim Carwell, Entrepreneur, Investor, Community Supporter and President of The CommAlert Group of Companies and a citizen of Beaver First Nation. A social entrepreneur by nature, he devotes considerable time on projects that create goodwill and visibility for under-represented people and communities.

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QUALIFIED NOMINEES: Indigenous entrepreneurs, teams, or researchers.

Written nomination submission MUST address the following criteria. Frame your answers for a non-expert in your field; use layman’s terms.

Through our Standard Process Nomination Form, the nominator can select all applicable award categories of the nominee.

Award Criteria

To be considered for an ASTech Award, the nomination must address the following three components:

  1. 1. Problem/Opportunity Addressed
  2. 2. Solution Development/Outstanding Achievement
  3. 3. Demonstrate Impact/Adoption for Alberta and beyond

Note – The nomination format is general for all categories.