Alterna Technologies Group Inc.

2001 Winner: Industrial Research

Connecting Business To The Global Banking System

Alterna Technologies Group Inc. is a global provider of e-finance solutions that focuses on streamlining the financial services supply chain. From its corporate headquarters in Calgary, the company’s innovative e-finance software platform connects corporations, their subsidiaries and trading partners with the global banking system. This allows companies to reduce costs, optimize working capital and significantly increase the visibility of the organization to its cash position globally.

Sleek Financial Solutions

Alterna’s customers, most of which are large multinational corporations with many subsidiaries, use the company’s financial-services software to easily manage their banking relationships, process commercial and financial transactions and share mission-critical data from offices located anywhere around the world.

Using Alterna’s solutions, a company can track all cash logistics centrally, accurately knowing how much it has borrowed and the utilization of its funds. Alterna also provides in-house banking systems, plus payment routing and settlement. Its cash and liquidity management tools closely integrate with various accounting applications, enterprise resource planning systems and banks.

The Newest Project

Committed to innovation, Alterna has maintained an aggressive R&D program. One of Alterna’s newest R&D projects consists of finding, evaluating and integrating appropriate technologies that allow customers to create and run advanced reports within Alterna’s ASP environment. The NRC/ASTech prize will be used to finance a graduate student to join the Alterna’s team in this challenging task.

Incorporated in 1996, by Gonzalo Naranjo, Louba Rapaport and Niels Voll, Alterna launched the world’s first internet-based liquidity management platform in 1997. It has since grown to an impressive 190 employees, with offices in Canada, the United States and Europe.