Marlene Huerta, Alberta Innovates

2023 Winner: Women in Innovation (Lifetime Contribution to the Ecosystem)

Winner: Marlene Huerta, Senior Business Advisor – Alberta Innovates

Presenter: Presenter: Amber Hall – Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

Initiative: Decades of Stewarding Innovation, Inventorship and Entrepreneurship in Alberta

Marlene has an eclectic experience acquired for about 40 years of work in STEM. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California. 18 years of her career have been at Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures (AITF) and Alberta Research Council. Previously, Marlene worked as an Assistant Professor in a Venezuelan university and also in R&D and Strategic Planning at PDVSA Intevep (Venezuelan Oi & Gas corporation).

Since 2005, she has contributed to the success of Alberta through the Alberta Research Council’s consortium (AACI) as one of the AACI researchers and also as a strategic leader. She has represented the Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Department at several GOA Ministries, including the Department of Energy, Environment and Finance. Within AITF, she has managed the nanotechnology programs and developed and managed the Alberta Ontario program. Since 2018, Marlene has been contributing to the AI Investment line success. She is currently working within the Post Secondary Investment and Emerging Technology (PSIET) Research, Talent and Emerging Technology ecosystems areas. In her capacity as Principal Business Advisor, she works across the entire organization with more than 100 principal investigators, providing technical and business guidance.