Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Driven by its vision to lead and knowledge to succeed, Syncrude is focused on innovation to enhance environmental performance, improve reliability, reduce costs and improve safety.

Syncrude Research and Development (R&D) scientists, engineers and technologists continue to push the limits in oil sands development. This dedicated team has been pioneering innovative technologies and creative solutions even before Syncrude produced its first barrel of oil in 1978.

The oil sands operator among the top 50 R&D spenders in Canada for the last 15 years and runs one of the largest private-sector research programs in Western Canada. Since 2011, Syncrude has invested more than $660 million on oil sands research and development projects, more than half of which is focused on environmental research.

Syncrude is proud to sponsor the Energy and Environmental Innovation Award that celebrates those who are helping shape our industry’s future by meeting today’s challenges.