In collaboration with our partners at MindFuel, the ASTech Scholarship program rewards Alberta high school graduates entering the first year of a STEM program at a post-secondary institution in Alberta.

Applicants are asked to write a short essay on their passion for science, technology or innovation. Their involvement in science fairs, Junior Achievement, 4H and other community activities are considered an asset.

$2,500 is awarded to the successful student, as jointly selected by the MindFuel/ASTech panel. In 2020, one award was made:  the ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship, in honour of Dr. Terry Rachuk, PhD.

Joanne Cai from Edmonton received the 2020 ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship as she enters the University of Alberta Engineering program.

“I am beyond grateful to receive a scholarship through MindFuel and the ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders,” Joanne said. ” This scholarship has given me not only financial support, but also encouragement and confidence in a field where myself and other women are underrepresented. MindFuel and ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders have intersected science and social needs within our community to provide this opportunity to me, and I cannot wait to work towards a better future alongside both of these organizations.”

Karen He from Lethbridge received the 2019 ASTech Scholarship.  Karen is a student at the University of Alberta, focused on biochemistry. Karen is “humbled and beyond grateful” to receive this award and said it has provided her with the motivation to keep learning and innovating as she pursues a career in microbiology.

Emily Nattress from Cochrane received the 2019 ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship, in honour of Dr. Terry Rachuk, PhD. Emily is studying cell biology at University of Alberta and says this award is helping her follow her passion for forensic analysis and her goal of improving the lives of millions around the world.

The 2018 recipient of the ASTech Scholarship was Bushra Anjum from Edmonton, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Program at the University of Alberta, working towards her future career as a pediatrician.

The 2018 recipient of the ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Scholarship, in honour of Dr. Terry Rachuk, PhD, was Femi Akinola from Red Deer. Femi is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering program at the University of Alberta. She is interested in developing sustainable solutions for clean water worldwide.

The 2017 ASTech Scholarship was awarded to Chloe Devoy, a University of Lethbridge student who is passionate about science, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, sports, wellness and volunteering.

We respectfully ask you to invest in the future of Alberta through the ASTech Scholarship by supporting students interested in STEM, innovation and entrepreneurship. Your minimum donation of $100 will generate a tax receipt from MindFuel and recognition for your support from both organizations.

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