NextGen Innovators Showcase

2018 NextGen Innovators Showcase

We want to showcase your innovation projects at this year’s must see event

If you have an up-and-coming project or cutting-edge development in your field, then we want to highlight your work in front of our audience of over 500 researchers, investors, academics and industry leaders at the 2018 NextGen Innovators Showcase. The one-of-a-kind event will take place in conjunction with the 2018 ASTech Awards, October 26, 2018 at NAIT’s brand-new Productivity and Innovation Centre.

Applications are NOW open for the 2018 NextGen Innovators Showcase! To submit an application click here. Payment and application deadline September 28, 2018.

2017 NextGen Innovators Showcase

NextGen Innovators Showcase captures the heart of innovation in Alberta

Thank you for joining us November 3rd  to interact with these rising stars in the science and technology sector in Alberta.

AGRICULTURE sponsored by     Dow AgroSciences logo

AirTerra Inc: Converting waste wood into specialized biochar to enhance soil health and remove carbon stocks from the atmosphere.

Livestock Water Recycling (left): Reducing manure volume to concentrate nutrients and recover clean water.

ENERGY sponsored by      

Clean O2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc.: A novel approach to reducing carbon emissions at any scale.

Canadian Floating Fence Corporation: Through containment, XBOOM filters hydro carbons, algae and silt.

Petro Niche Technology Ltd.: Petro Ninja is a mobile app for open mapping and oil and gas data access.

TransRail Innovation Group (above): More efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation of crude oil by rail.

Zedi: Sensor-sourced quality and sustainability data gathering for the AgriFood industry.


Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange: Increasing efficiency for healthcare teams and patients to participate in their own healthcare.

Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM): BreathingRoomTM is an evidence-based e-health app to build resilience and manage stress, anxiety and depression in youth ages 13-24.

Rearm Inc.(left): Addressing repetitive strain injuries in the arms.

Salu: Health Gauge’s unique method of ECG and digital pulse data capture calculates blood pressure.

SafeTracks GPS Canada: Personal GPS monitoring system and emergency communication devices.

TELUS: Home Health Monitoring pilot and the Connected Home.

TECHNOLOGY sponsored by      

Micro Engineering Tech: Using real-time underground monitoring of sensors to protect complex infrastructure.

ParkChamp: Online sharing offering a new way to find convenient and affordable parking.

Robo Garden: Easy-to-understand educational app teaches coding to students in K-12

SAIT Applied Research and Innovation Services: Integrated UAVs as disruptive technology for the construction industry.

SensorUp: Kit to deploy sensors to collect real time air quality data.

TECTERRA: The Backwards Bike is an uncomfortable and difficult exercise, much like the process of innovating.

TELUS: TELUS Technology Accelerator supports the growth of early stage tech companies in Digital Health, Internet of Things and Big Data.


Novel Pediatric Therapy (left): Investigating the ability of new cancer drugs to inhibit cell growth and induce differentiation without harsh side effects.

STEM Learning Lab: Equipping students with the problem-solving, creative and collaborative skills necessary for success in our exciting and rapidly changing society.

TELUS Spark: Creativity leads to innovation: finding different approaches to problem solving.


2016 NextGen Innovators Showcase participants


  • Agricast: Forecasting for Your Farm – Customized weather forecasts for farmers. Nevin deMilliano.


  • Interface Fluidics Inc.: Reservoir-on-a-Chip – Mircomodels for enhancing oil sand recovery. Stuart Kinnear.
  • University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering: Immersive Visualization – New technology for subsurface reservoir data visualization. Jamie McInnis.


  • Alberta Women’s Science Network & Startups by Sophia: Leading by Example – Inspiring young girls by STEM leadership to create equal opportunities for women. Ana Noga & Sophia Fairweather.
  • FIRST Robotics – Encouraging high school students to get exposure to engineering, programming, fabrication, marketing, and project management. Russell Weir.
  • SAIT: Product Design Lessons from Daft Punk – Demonstrating the technologies used in the design, testing and fabrication labs at SAIT. Emerson Burns & Tim Huynh.
  • Tablespace Proximity Technology – Enhancing hotel room service with highly visual, customized ordering. Bradley Poulette.
  • Womba: a Musical Instrument for an Unborn Child – The first instrument for a child to play in the womb. Aura Pon.
  • Unumbria Technologies: Virtual Reality Based Vision Training – Mobile vision training programs for athletes to improve performance and decrease injuries. Shamez Walji.


  • Alberta BioPhotonics: Opti-Q On-Site Testing – Quick, accurate and inexpensive sample testing saves time and money. Elmar Prenner.
  • Beyond Reality Technologies: Applying virtual reality to real estate to explore unbuilt spaces. Garlon Yau.
  • Evented – Consolidating information for event planners. Ramneek Purewal.
  • MycoRemedy – Remediating soil and water contamination without the use of energy or chemically intensive means. Kelcie Miller-Anderson.
  • Paper: Program that assists in setting up legal frameworks for companies. Adrian Camara.


  • Physio4D: Vision Based Physical Therapy – A time saving motion tracking system to assess joint mobility. Dr. Javad Sadeghi.
  • Retiarius Medical – Waterproof and adhesive free bandages. Cole Atkinson.
  • TELUS: Home Health Monitoring & TELUS Innovation Centre. Pauline Phillips.

Science Fair Students:

  • **FAN FAVOURITE**: Advances on a Digital Microscope: Sharing findings from a digital microscope in remote areas. Kamil Ahmed.
  • Aging in Human Cells Linked to BuR1 Expression – Is there a correlation between low BuR1 expression and the aging phenotype in humans? Ruicen (David) He.
  • The Genius Genus: Aspen Adaptations – Investigating the genetic DNA of identical groups of aspens. Sophie Hoye Pacholek.
  • The Role of ING1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Investigating the role of a tumour suppressor protein in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Shayan Hemmati.