Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the ASTech Awards Logo represent?

The four interlocking rings in the ASTech logo represent the interrelationship of: 
to support science and technology for
economic and societal benefit.

2. How do I Nominate or Recommend?

Head to

 Choose your nomination pathway

  • Pathway 1 – Expression of Interest (OPTIONAL) 
  • Pathway 2 – Recommend Someone (OPTIONAL) 
  • Pathway 3 – Nominate Yourself/Company/Organization

Fill out form to its completion

  • Maximum of 5 award categories per nomination 
  • A Google account is required for Pathway 1 for security requirements to collect supporting documents.
3. What are the Deadlines for Nominating and Recommending?

Pathway 1 Expression of Interest (EOI): May 30, 2024

Pathway 2 (Recommendations): June 12, 2024

Pathway 3 (Full Nominations): June 26, 2024

4. Who Can Be Nominated?

Researcher or Team in Academia, Non-Academic Research Institutions, or in Large Industry

Innovator, Team or Company – in Industry (Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Innovation Companies)

Early Adopter of Alberta Technologies (Award goes to both customer company and technology provider)

Champion or Community Leader

Community Group, Not-for-Profit Organizations

Anyone inspiring innovation in Alberta!

5. What is the Judging Criteria?

Written Criteria

  1. Problem/Opportunity Addressed
  2. Solution Development/Outstanding Achievement
  3. Demonstrate Impact/Adoption for Alberta and Beyond

Note – The nomination format and written criteria are general across all categories.

Successful candidates will need to draw a parallel between the written criteria and the accomplishments of the nominee.

For more information on each award category, go to:

6. What are this years award Categories?

You can find this years categories here.

7. What are the benefits of winning an ASTech Award?

An ASTech Award creates profile at every stage:

  •  Peer and sector recognition
  •  Visibility to a wider audience
  •  A morale boost for employees, investors, business partners and other stakeholders who are recognized for the outstanding achievement
  •  Credibility enhancement that helps with financing, maintenance of existing customers, recruitment of new customers and top talent
  •  Profile and ongoing recognition through ASTech communications platforms (newsletter, website, social media, etc.)
  •  Exposure through ASTech stakeholders who promote the story of the award winners and finalists to their network
  •  Opportunity to present work/achievements to a broader audience through monthly events
8. When will the 2024 ASTech Events Take Place?
  • Opening Ceremony – Friday, Sept. 27 in the Calgary Region
  • ASTech Awards Gala – Friday, Nov. 1 in the Edmonton Region
  • Rural Innovation Celebration: TBD
8. Where can I find information about Sponsorship and getting involved?

You can find more information here.

9. Where can I find more information about sponsoring and getting involved?

You can find more information here.

10. Where can do I find more information about past winners and finalist?

You can view information about past winners and finalist here.