Canzyme Corporation

1998 Winner: Industrial Research

Attracting Biotech Companies To Calgary

Canzyme Corporation is a new biotechnology company undertaking an innovative research program to develop a variety of environmentally conscious products. In order to pursue this vision, the company purchased the former Molson Brewery facility in Calgary and will turn it into a leading-edge biotechnological product development facility and Alberta’s first “Biotechnology Park.” The intent of this endeavour is to encourage biotech companies from across the nation to relocate to Calgary.

One of Canzyme’s key research projects is to develop an enzyme which can be added to pig and chicken feed. This enzyme allows the animals to use the phosphorous, which is naturally present but which is normally unavailable for digestion, to be utilized. This eliminates the need for additional phosphorous to be added to the feed and results in a reduction in environmentally damaging waste. This prize will be used to fund a biotechnology student to assist with this project.