Alberta Women’s Science Network

1998 Winner: Excellence In Science And Technology Public Awareness

Promoting Science And Technology For Women

The Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN) was established in 1993 as a result of the need for all Albertans, especially women in groups that promote science, to be aware of the resources and programs that encourage women to study science and mathematics and choose science careers.

It is an umbrella organization that unites the broad range of groups working on the promotion of science and engineering to girls, including those at universities, industry and those in mentoring roles. By working together, these groups avoid duplication of efforts and can use resources more effectively.

Sending a Positive Message

One of the key functions of the AWSN is to communicate timely information to network members. This is achieved through a quarterly newsletter, a toll-free number, e-mail and a state-of-the-art web page. The web page has been designed to give up-to-date information on mentors for science and technology careers, dates of key meetings and events as well as links to other web pages on related issues. AWSN serves as a focus for all women who enjoy and promote science and technology.