New Era Systems Services Ltd.

1994 Winner: Industrial Research

University of Calgary Student to Help Launch Worldwide Flagship Product

New Era Systems Services’ nomination in this category relates to its continued development of its flagship product, HARBOR, and related products including electronic data exchange between computers and a new automated tape robot which is expected to be introduced worldwide in the next few months by Memorex Telex in the United States. New Era has identified a student who has developed particular expertise in these areas.

Mr. Tom Vlasschaert is enrolled in the final year of a BSc Honors Program, majoring in Computer Science, at The University of Calgary. The main focus of Mr. Vlasschaert’s work will be the development of a new and unique Midrange Server product that will offer automatic HARBOR backup on a unit or OS/2 server instead of a mainframe. (Please refer to the earlier write up in the Program for more information about HARBOR.) This will allow the use of HARBOR in environments that do not require or use a mainframe.