Harding Instrument Company Ltd.

1994 Winner: Industrial Research

Edmonton Company Develops Innovative Electrostatic Imaging Technology

Harding Instrument Co. Ltd. is an Edmonton company that has developed a family of commercially viable electronic flow measurement instruments. These instruments, which incorporate advanced software and electronics technologies that are state-of-the-art in the industry, are used extensively by gas transmission and production companies worldwide. The company has identified opportunities to expand its product line incorporating a unique electrostatic imaging technology.

Harding Instrument was founded more than 20 years ago by Patrick Harding, as a University of Alberta spin-off, to commercialize flow measurement instruments he had developed through his research. The products are marketed and serviced worldwide by ITT Barton Instruments, part of the worldwide ITT Corporation; and a significant portion of ITT Barton’s marketing activity is dedicated to pursuing opportunities for the sale of Harding-designed and manufactured products.

Harding instrument continues to research new technologies and products, one of which is an innovative electrostatic imaging technology which appears to have significant potential when applied to difficult problems of detecting interfaces between various liquids and level measurement of those liquids.