Green Impact Partners (Jesse Douglas, CEO)

2023 Finalist: Energy / Cleantech Innovation

Finalist: Green Impact Partners (Jesse Douglas, CEO)

Initiative: Future Energy Park: North America’s Largest Carbon Negative Facility

Green Impact Partners Inc. (GIP), headquartered in Calgary, is a trailblazing organization committed to creating a sustainable future. With a strong focus on renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in North America, GIP is driving the clean energy revolution by developing the world’s cleanest energy sources. Their latest venture is doing just that right here in Alberta with Future Energy Park.

As NorthAmerica’s largest carbon-negative RNG and ethanol project, Future Energy Park will convert low-grade wheat

into renewable biofuels, bringing Alberta’s agriculture and energy sectors together. Working with a team of architects, engineers, planners, environmental specialists and landscape architects, the plant will be a landmark facility in the production of renewable fuels. This innovative clean energy project showcases GIP’s technological ingenuity, environmental stewardship and dedication to sustainable solutions. Future Energy Park will be located in Calgary, and the benefits to our province are significant: it will create 800 jobs during construction and 50 jobs during operations, generate over $150 million in annual revenue for rural whe

at producers, and transform Alberta’s low-grade wheat – unsuitable for human consumption – into renewable biofuels.