T5M Connect

2023 Finalist: Construction / Smart Cities / Transportation

Finalist: T5M Connect (Ryan Young, Co-Owner; David Campbell, Co-Owner)

Initiative: North Glenora Infill – T5M Connect

T5M Connect is working on the first multi-family Passive House certified building in Alberta. The project (in addition to Passive House Certification) has aligned its strategy with the Edmonton Declaration, the SSRIA Green Buildings Technology Network innovation standards and climate goals of the City of Edmonton to develop a replicable design for multi-family infill housing.

The T5M Connect Project, located in North Glenora, Edmonton, aims to build and monitor an affordable and replicable multi-unit residential infill building (MURB) that will help increase community density at Passive House standards. The goal is to demonstrate the minimization of greenhouse gas consumption through higher efficiency and integrated design techniques. Some of these techniques include maximizing shared walls, utilization of air-source heat pumps, upgraded ventilation and duct system, as well as the integration of a home automation system.