Venkataraman Thangadurai, University of Calgary

2023 Finalist: Energy / Cleantech Innovation

Finalist: Venkataraman Thangadurai, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Calgary

Initiative: Advancing Alberta’s energy storage and conversion technologies

Dr. Thangadurai is an internationally acclaimed chemist who has made pivotal advances in solid-state electrochemistry, revolutionizing solid-state energy storage and conversion technologies that can be integrated into zero-carbon renewable energy systems. His research interests include designing, synthesizing, and characterizing novel solid-state electrolytes and electrodes for next-generation solid-state batteries and solid oxide fuel cells.

Dr Thangadurai has more than 220 peer-reviewed papers in journals. His work was cited over 15,700 times with an overall H-Index of 58 and was amongst the top 1% of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journals in terms of citations in 2020. Dr. Thangadurai was appointed as a Scientist and Mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab-Rockies, a non-profit organization that offers programming to enhance the success of scalable, seed-stage science and technology-based companies. He has received a University of Calgary Peak Scholars Award, which is given to academics whose work in knowledge engagement, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, innovation, or collaborative research has resulted in a positive social or economic impact in the community.