Hammond, Ms. Lois

1994 Winner: Journalism: Specialized Publications

Educating Albertans On Importance Of Medical Research

Lois M. Hammond is Communications Director of the AHFMR. She is responsible, among other things, for production of the Foundation’s regular newsletter and for numerous specialized publications. Among the latter is The Power and The Promise, which constituted the Triennial Report of the Foundation, accompanied the Second International Board of Review Report on the Foundation’s research activities.

Lois Hammond conceived, wrote, edited and produced The Power and The Promise. It was designed to educate Albertans about human biology, Alberta’s role as a world leader in medical research, and the importance of that role to our health and the Alberta economy. The Power and The Promise was distributed widely. A copy, for example, went to every junior and senior high school in the Province.

Reaction was “phenomenal”. It won three awards from professional public relations organizations, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Bob Church, Professor Emeritus at The University of Calgary wrote, “Congratulations on a great booklet…it is a tribute to AHFMR’s success; and perhaps as important is your decision to send copies to schools of this province.”