ASTech Special Award

On occasion, the Adjudication Panel determines there is a nominee worthy of recognition that does not fit into the exact criteria of a specific award category. In this case, the Panel is empowered to recommend a Special Award which is then discussed and approved by the Board of Directors.

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QUALIFIED NOMINEES: An individual, team, or organization

Written nomination submission MUST address the following criteria. Frame your answers for a non-expert in your field; use layman’s terms.

Through our Standard Process Nomination Form, the nominator can select all applicable award categories of the nominee. If the nominee has outstanding merit – in areas outside of existing categories please nominate them for the Special Award.

Award Criteria

To be considered for an ASTech Award, the nomination must address the following three components:

  1. 1. Problem/Opportunity Addressed
  2. 2. Solution Development/Outstanding Achievement
  3. 3. Demonstrate Impact/Adoption for Alberta and beyond

Note – The nomination format is general for all categories.