Alberta Venture Magazine

2002 Winner: Journalism: General Public

Magazine Celebrates Technological Advances In Alberta

Alberta Venture recognizes and celebrates technological advancement and achievements in this province from an Albertan point of view, which can often be missing from national business magazines. The magazine’s editorial mandate emphasizes regular reporting on Alberta’s innovative science and technology community, and the role that developing technologies play in Alberta’s business community.

Showcasing Alberta’s Innovation

The Tech@Venture special report, published three times per year, is a collection of articles meant to provide readers with business strategies for the new economy. Recent articles have discussed how information technology tools are transforming Alberta industries such as oilfield supply and services and keeping them internationally competitive.

Other regular features include product development happenings of Alberta-based software companies, which are helping to shape the global revolution in information technology, while bolstering Alberta’s stature as a centre of development for advanced technology.

Translating the Jargon

Each issue of Alberta Venture reaches more than 234,000 readers. The magazine’s goal is to help its readers conduct better business through articles that encourage, critique, educate and inspire. Alberta Venture presents its content in an accessible manner — writing is clear and concise, and concepts are easy to understand. The magazine helps readers connect the dots between sometimes disparate and seemingly incompatible issues, such as the involvement of oilpatch players in alternative energy development. As chronicler of the challenges and triumphs faced by Alberta’s business community, Alberta Venture reflects the positive business environment in Alberta.