Alta Genetics Inc.

1994 Winner: Outstanding Commercial Achievement in Alberta Science and Technology (Sales less than 25 million)

Alberta Company Becomes World Player In Bovine Genetics

Alta Genetics is the result of two separate Alberta companies merging in 1988: Western Breeders Service, an artificial insemination/semen producing bovine Centre founded in Balzac in 1968, and Alberta Livestock Transplants, the world’s first commercial bovine transfer company founded in Calgary in 1971.

Leading the Way

The merger placed Alta Genetics at the leading edge of the genetics industry: its primary focus is increasing the efficiency of bovine milk and meat production through the development of reproductive technologies and the sale of bovine semen and embryos, as well as live cattle. As a major player in this field, Alta Genetics also offers training in areas of embryo transfer and artificial insemination technologies.

A Global Player

With 110 employees, Alta Genetics had gross sales of $19.2 million in 1993, and earnings of $2.3 million. From its relatively modest beginnings serving western Canada, it now serves a world market, and is regarded as a world leader in bovine genetic research and its application. Alta Genetics embryo transfer division, known as AltaGen, is involved in the commercial production and marketing of embryos from beef and dairy breeds, and in applied research.

What Does the Future Hold?

With a new corporate office in Brazil, the company sees excellent potential in this country which has 140 million head of cattle, 15 times that of Canada. As world demand for Canadian genetics continues to increase, Alta Genetics is superbly poised to continue its leading edge research and development applications.