Applied Quantum Materials Inc.

2023 Winner: Energy / Cleantech Innovation

Winner: Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (Jonathan Veinot, Chief Technical Officer)

Presenter: Justin Riemer, CEO – Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)

In photo: Award accepted by Dr. David C. Bressler, Associate Dean, University of Alberta

Initiative: Silicon Nanomaterials: Small particles making a big impact

Finalist: Medical/ Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals

Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (AQM) began operation in 2016 to commercialize disruptive nanotechnology developed at the University of Alberta. AQM is a world leader in the research, development and synthesis of metal-free, biocompatible silicon nanomaterials for a broad range of applications, including displays, printable electronics, photovoltaics and fluorophores for biological imaging.

Dr. Jonathan Veinot is the CTO and Co-founder of Applied Quantum Materials Inc. as well he is Associate Dean Research (Grants and Innovation) at the University of Alberta Faculty of Science and a professor in the Department of Chemistry. Jonathan is one of the world’s leaders in silicon nanomaterials, focusing on developing non-toxic Group 14 nanomaterials while establishing a fundamental understanding of their unique optical and chemical properties. Dr. Veinot has co-authored over 180 peer-reviewed papers and been awarded 19 patents. He received the 2016 Burghausen Chemistry Award, as well as the prestigious 2017 Award for Excellence in Materials Chemistry from the Canadian Chemical Society as one of “Canada’s shining scientific lights” in the field of silicon nanocrystals.