Axion Spatial Imaging Ltd.

1991 Winner: Industrial Research

The Solution To Tracking Mobile Assets

Edmonton, AB T5N 3W6 Axion Spatial Imaging Ltd., a seven-year old digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developer, has created a hardware and software system solution to tracking of mobile assets such as helicopters, aircraft, ships and land vehicles using the Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation of satellites.

At Home and Abroad

Axion developed the sophisticated hardware, and powerful three dimensional visualization tools, which it has successfully marketed at the prestigious Paris Airshow this June, and at Airshow Canada at Abbotsford in August.

Continuing Improvements

The system represents an enormous international commercial market opportunity which Axion is vigorously exploring by marketing and furthering research and development to miniaturize the hardware. Axion’s hardware miniaturization, radio communication expertise and manufacturing will be based in Alberta.