B & W Technologies

1990 Winner: Commercial Achievement in Alberta Science and Technology

Company Finds Global Market For Gas Monitoring Devices

Established in 1986 B & W Technologies has in four years developed from a company having three employees and annual sales of $40,500 to a corporation of 46 and annual sales in excess of $1.7M.

Reaching a Global Market

B & W manufactures and designs gas monitoring devices. It’s initial product was targeted to the oil industry for use in the field on drilling rigs and in the gas production plant. Today their units can be found in use in Western Canada, California, Texas, Louisiana, Holland, Singapore and the North Sea. Their first product, named ‘Rig Rats’ became the predominant system used on drilling rigs in Western Canada.

Exciting Expansion

New products soon to be released will see B & W move into other industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, mining and the municipal sector. Cody Slater of B & W Technologies has achieved an outstanding commercial success in turning his technological advances in sour gas monitoring device into a multi-product, multi-industry, manufacturing and marketing company in the environmental and gas sensing sectors.

Update: March 2024

Established in 1986, B & W Technologies (founded by Cody Slater) pioneered gas monitoring devices for the oil industry, revolutionizing safety standards.

Acquired by Honeywell in 2006, now known as BW Technologies, they lead the global market in gas detection technology, ensuring safety across industries worldwide. Their innovative range of products remains compact, user-friendly, and cost-effective, setting the standard for hazardous environment safety.

Today Mr. Slater is CEO of Calgary’s Blackline Safety.