Bryson, Ms. Connie

1999 Winner: Journalism: Specialized Publications

Writer Brings Engaging And Accurate Science Content To Albertans

Connie Bryson has been writing about science, technology and business in Alberta for the past 12 years. Her ability to translate complex scientific concepts into stories that are engaging and easy to understand, while maintaining a high degree of scientific accuracy, has made her Alberta’s most sought after scientific writer.

Imposing Portfolio

Her work covers a variety of writing styles, from feature articles and speeches to brochures, websites, annual reports and newsletters. Her portfolio includes assignments for the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, NSERC, the University of Alberta, PRECARN, the Alberta Cancer Board, the University Hospital Foundation, the Alberta Research Council, Syncrude, TELUS and The Globe and Mail.

Articles that Connie wrote for Occupational Health and Safety Canada in 1993 and 1994 were “top five” finalists in the Best Feature category at the Canadian Business Press awards.