Farmers Edge

2013 Finalist: Innovation In Agricultural Science Sponsored By Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc.

Bringing Cutting Edge Technology To The Agriculture Sector

Today’s game-changing technology is revolutionizing how farmers work their fields as quickly and dramatically as it is in all facets of modern life. Innovation and convergence of technology is providing farmers with the capacity to continue to increase agricultural production to feed the world.

Innovating Agriculture

Farmers Edge Precision Consulting is breaking new ground in this shifting technological landscape by giving farmers the tools to achieve more accuracy and control in their field management practices. The company utilizes the convergence of technology and agronomy to improve agricultural production, agricultural sustainability and farm profitability.

The western Canadian company is a leader in advanced agricultural technology and a pioneer in variable-rate farming technology.  Farmers Edge operates globally with more than four million acres of experience working with innovative farmers since the company was founded in 2005.

Specialized Technology

Farmers Edge’s Precision Edge is a cloud-based platform which hosts in-season and historic satellite remote-sensed imagery for analysis to identify and map field variability of agricultural land.  The company’s team of precision agronomists, technology and equipment specialists, remote sensing- and GIS specialists work with the farmer to implement a farm plan for crop inputs and farm goals to create a unique management prescription for the grower and his individual fields.

“We integrate advanced equipment technologies to enable improved farm efficiency,” says Farmers Edge Managing Partner Mr. Jay Bruggencate.   GPS-equipped farms gather tremendous amounts of field-centric data that needs to be managed to better assess crop input decisions and the climate of that specific farm.

Dynamic Management

All fields contain natural field variability which produces different yield responses to specific crop inputs.

“The challenge is to accurately determine the four R’s of crop inputs –  right product in the right amount in the right place at the right time to manage the field variability to improve yields with sustainable practices,” Mr. Bruggencate says.

Farmers Edge’s recent automation of Advanced Geospatial Yield Analysis to process vast amounts of GPS-equipped harvester data allows the company to accurately measure, validate and analyze yield data as it relates to field variability and the crop responses to crop inputs.

Farmers Edge works with farmers in western Canada, the U.S. and Russia, helping them be successful by effectively using current technology in agriculture. The company’s commitment is to use its expertise to continue innovation in agriculture.

“Farmers Edge is on the leading edge of a new Golden Age for agriculture,” Mr. Bruggencate says.