Henry Leung, University of Calgary

2023 Finalist: Aerospace Innovation

Finalist: Henry Leung, Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Software Engineering, University of Calgary 

Initiative: Advanced Machine Learning and Information Fusion Techniques for Intelligent Sensing

Dr. Henry Leung is a Professor in Electrical and Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. His work on complex backpropagation helped establish a foundational research area on complex neural networks in the field of machine learning. His research on intelligent sensing based on nonlinear theory comprises 9 out of the top 20 most cited papers on radar and chaos in IEEE Xplore. He ranks in the first quarter of Stanford World’s Top 2% Scientists.

Dr. Leung leads the Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Sensing Laboratory and collaborates closely with industrial partners in multiple sectors. Most notably, his contributions to sensing, information fusion and ideas in machine learning have been the backbone of the integrated decision support system used in DND and adopted byindustries in water and oil and gas firms internationally as well as in Alberta. His work on the award-winning intelligent noise monitoring solution for the City of Calgary has been important in reaching smart city goals. He holds a successful record of leading several DND, NSERC, Alberta Innovates, and internationally funded projects. He currently leads the pan-Canadian DND IDEaS Micronet, a network of 10+ industry and researchers in support of Canadian defence.